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The Dendrite Group is a dynamic, multi-disciplined and globally experienced consultancy. Our team of expert advisors and facilitators focus on the following high-impact issues for clients: Complexity & Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Knowledge Transfer, Team Dynamics, and Communication. The Dendrite Group delivers customized solutions for each client to achieve transformative results.

Complexity & Strategy

How do you successfully navigate your organization to seize opportunities and reduce your exposure to risk? How adaptive is your organization to change? Our Scenario-Building Workshops, Strategic Decision-Making Simulations and Complexity Mapping Programs highlight future trends and drivers which allow you to develop effective strategies to make critical decisions and optimize results. Using our programs you can explore risk without running risk.

Effective Communication

Managers & leaders spend on average 17.5 hours per week dealing with misaligned communication. Concise, clear, and persuasive communication is a must. We help you overcome communication challenges and increase effectiveness through enhanced awareness, strategic messaging, and the use of alternative methods such as visualization, graphic facilitation and storytelling. Just think what you could do with an extra 17.5 hours per week!

Team Dynamics

How do you continuously improve team performance, maximize results and bring out the best in people? Our Team Interventions Program enables team members to reach a higher level of understanding and adopt the new communication & working methods necessary to transform into high performance mode. Identification & alignment of goals are the foundation of this program.

Leadership & Knowledge Transfer

How do you retain and manage knowledge, insights and experiences to build a competent and resilient team? We develop knowledge transfer programs and activities to ensure the exchange of critical information, skills and experience across your organization.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We accelerate the success of intrapreneurs & entrepreneurs by working on the “How” of turning your BIG idea into a viable business. We support you at every crucial point of the process from sparking new ideas, to determining the feasibility and key elements of the business strategy and operational plan.

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