Our Approach

We take the time to understand you and your business. We have a core consulting team supported by a global network of experts who provide solutions that get great results anytime, anywhere, on-time and under budget. Our consultants work with you to create collaborative teams ready to innovate solutions to the complex challenges facing your organization. This not only breaks through a challenge but also results in durable change to achieve sustainable transformation for the future.

Our Core Values


are only opportunities in waiting


always think two steps ahead

No one has all the answers:

allow others to express their ideas freely

Use all aspects of the brain:

create & process (and ultimately build!)

Perceptually positioned vantage points matter, so view the situation:

from the self; from the shoes of another colleague; from an outside observer; from an astronaut well above it all

See the big picture:

but keep in mind how the small details will alter it


from outside of your comfort zone


ideas and actions only fail when you stop asking why they didn’t succeed


put forth your ideas to solve a problem, no one ever fails from doing so – they only fail from not doing so


it may be unattainable, but never stop striving for it

So why do we call ourselves The Dendrite Group?

The dendrites are the receptive end of your neurons. Dendrites play an integral part in the successful transmission of information and are crucial for messaging along the neural pathway. They are responsible for filtering out relevant information passed through the synaptic gap – the space between the ends of each neuron forming the sender (Axon) and the receiver (Dendrite) – from one neuron to the next. It is this function which ensures the correct information is further transmitted through the neural network and allows for appropriate thoughts, actions, and responses. Today’s world is full of Axons – those spouting too much, and often irrelevant, information and data – but lacking of Dendrites!

In short, dendrites determine how and what we produce as ideas and innovative solutions to challenges we face. That’s exactly what we do for our clients and that’s why we choose the name.

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