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Richard Podkolinski

Richard is a Data Scientist with a focus on measurement, probabilistic modeling, simulation, decision theory and communication. His goal is to provide clients with the best understanding of their quantitative information and the implications that has on their decision processes. This includes experience in setting up production ecosystems that enable accurate and timely insight for decision-makers. From simple programs based on cooperation with subject matter experts to complex enterprise-scale models that integrate unstructured data from all over the world. Regardless of scale, the goal remains to empower clients to have a more deliberate interaction with the world.

Richard has enabled data-driven processes in a diverse set of domains including retail, logistics, energy and mineral production, online marketing, agriculture and international security. He has worked with government institutions, international corporations as well as start ups.

Richard has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Leuven, Belgium, a MA in International Relations and Diplomacy from Leiden University & Clingendael in the Netherlands, and a BA in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Calgary in Canada.

Andre Susanto

Andre is a Renewable Energy Consultant with extensive Technical Engineering and Policy expertise. He has been involved in the project development efforts of over 35MW of solar PV projects throughout Indonesia. He has designed, built, inspected and audited over 200 solar PV sites, including micro-grid systems. In recognition of his promotion of renewable energy programs and development for businesses, Andre received the World Bank’s “Green Entrepreneurship” award in 2013.

Andre also develops business models for the private sector and advises the government on policy recommendations related to renewable energy initiatives. Specifically, Andre provides consultancy advice for Indonesia’s Renewable Energy Directorate General (MEMR – EBTKE) on renewable energy policies which have included past topics such as optimal subsidy structures, various components of the energy resiliency fund and financial modeling tools. Andre received his Mechanical Engineering and Physics degree from Portland State University in Oregon.

Surya Handayana

Surya is a Web Designer and App Developer. He is the Founder and Creative Director of Monkey Republic; a creative web design company which creates unique digital products, cross-platform websites, mobile apps, and digital campaigns.

Surya has worked with T-Mobile, Cyber Security Academy, and BONcode. He was also involved in the development of a mobile App to help farmers in remote areas of Indonesia. He is the Interface Designer and App Developer for Cartotool, a dynamic driven database mapping project set up by the municipalities of The Hague and Alphen aan den Rijn. Surya was the Art Director for War Child Holland in which he designed the website, marketing materials and movies for their “A Child of Our Time” Benefit Concert to raise awareness to their cause.

Originally from Indonesia, Surya now lives in The Hague, Netherlands. He received his Msc in Architecture from Delft University of Technology.

Jean Pierre van Mulbregt

Jean Pierre is an Entrepreneur with companies engaged in Energy, Telecom, Defense and Aerospace. He has extensive Project management & consulting experience with a main focus on management of roll out projects and the operation & maintenance of networks.

His telecom experience started with Site Acquisition, lease negotiation and then Acquisition and Roll out Management. He has led teams bringing fiber to the home, fiber to the site, and nationwide installation of in-home smart metering.

Jean Pierre is the Founder & CEO of Young Venture Capital Investments with a portfolio of early stage tech startups.

Billy Allwood

Billy Allwood has over 30 years of International Business experience in including: Market Research, Business Development, Benchmarking, Business Process Mapping and Reengineering, Strategic Planning, as well as Management of International Telecommunications & IT Projects.

Billy, who has a PhD from Imperial College, London, worked for a major Brazilian iron ore producer for 10 years. He spent a year based in Rio de Janeiro writing a successful business case for a 1$ billion mine expansion to help secure a loan from the World Bank. He is currently based in The Hague.

Jerry Smith

Jerry has over 25 years experience of security risk management in the British Army and Government, as well as the United Nations and Private Sector. He has a unique profile as a strategic planner, decision maker and trainer; drawing on his wide operational experience within the international arena. His particular focus is risk management, threat analysis and crisis response.

Jerry advises National Governments, International Organizations and Blue Chip companies on capacity building and change management, as well as negotiation and news media handling.

Jerry has a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Engineering. He is a member of the Institute of Explosive Engineers. He previously held high-level UK / NATO security clearance.

Angela Dewi Clark

Angela, a Bio-energy Technical Advisor, is a graduate of Asian Studies and Political Science from Wheaton College in Massachusetts. She has spent over a decade working and traveling in the Indonesian archipelago, from Aceh to Papua, starting with an internship with UNDP sponsored Kemitraan/Partnership. Under Dr. Harbrinderjit Singh (H.S.) Dillon in the local governance reform program units Decentralization and Law and Judicial Reform, she specifically focused on environmental projects combating illegal logging and deforestation. She has experience working in remote field settings: in Aceh she met with gender and poverty groups after the 2004 Tsunami to survey the needs of women and in Papua she traveled to remote villages both on foot and by boat, writing proposals for local health organizations. Ms. Clark has been successful in developing, managing and operating various biomass and biogas projects throughout Indonesia, specifically working with agricultural byproducts of the rice milling industry, saw mills, and palm oil plantations.

Angela currently holds the position of Project Manager for PT. Gasifikasi Prima Energy, developing bio-energy projects across Indonesia, and is also PT. Green Enterprises Indonesia’s Applicable Technology Specialist creating bio-energy using byproducts from the Virgin Coconut Oil process in Aceh and Sumatra.

Peggy Maguire

President of the European Public Health Alliance:Director General European Institute of Women’s Health

As an advocate for a health literate public, Peggy developed Cancom, a cancer communication and information initiative for women and families. This project was developed with the dual aims of providing health information targeting women’s health needs and developing a content model to encourage women and women’s organisations to become not only users but early adaptors of internet technologies and worked with culturally and ethnically diverse groups of women to produce health information to suit their needs. In her previous role as Director of Development at the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street,the largest maternity hospital in Europe, Peggy was responsible for the preparation and implementation of a three year strategic plan for the hospital, & initiated the first womens health survey in Ireland ”Womens Health in Ireland –Attitudes and Behaviour. (A survey of 2000 women between the ages of 18-64 on attitudes to various health issues across the lifespan. Prior to working at the National Maternity Hospital , Peggy worked at the Irish College of General Practitioners(ICGP) as Director of the Research Foundation.

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