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Michael Glod

Managing Partner

Michael Glod is an experienced consultant and facilitator. His focus is managing complexity and mitigating risk. He is a systems thinker and institutional policy specialist. His areas of expertise are: Strategy Formulation, Strategic Decision-making, Scenario-building & Foresight, Crisis Management, Knowledge Management, International Relations, Negotiations & Diplomacy, and Simulation Design.

Michael has worked as policy analyst for multiple strategy-centric think tanks. He has developed programs, designed and delivered high impact workshops, trainings, and simulations for private sector organizations, military, public and governmental organizations, NGOs, and universities around the globe.

Currently, Michael’s interest centers on sustainable development. He provides innovative strategies for clients to enter the Indonesian renewable energy market and implement the necessary steps to achieve success. He is also working with an Indonesian University to design and provide capacity building projects.

Suzy Ogé

Managing Partner

Suzy Ogé is American and currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia after living and working in Europe for over a decade. She is an experienced executive and strategist, currently focused on sustainable development projects in Renewable Energy, Electrification, Capacity Building, and Empowerment of Women. Her diverse experience includes the energy sector, telecom industry, entrepreneurship, strategic sourcing, operations management, business development and customer experience.

She is the Founder of the Women’s Business Initiative International, based in The Hague and has taught undergraduate and graduate Business courses on Entrepreneurship, Management and Communications. Suzy is committed to the empowerment and financial independence of women via education and entrepreneurial opportunities. She also works with organizations and individuals to infuse the spirit of entrepreneurship into their work. With a fresh perspective and abundance of energy, Suzy´s no-nonsense approach gets results.

Suzy is an engaging keynote speaker on the topics of Entrepreneurship, Women in Leadership, Empowering Women through Rural Electrification, Diversity, Cross-cultural Challenges, and more.

Sinead Hewson

Managing Partner

Sinead Hewson is a graphic facilitator and NLP certified trainer who specializes in Change, Alignment, Idea Development, and Communication & Performance. Sinead works internationally with organizations, businesses and teams in the middle of change and seeking high performance. She helps clients clarify their thinking so that they focus and take action using a mix of experiential, coaching and consulting techniques. She also designs facilitation style programs and frameworks for clients which can be delivered by the client in-house or by other providers globally. She has also worked with scientists, company leaders and client-facing teams to develop strategies that are relevant at local and international levels.

Originally from Ireland, Sinead is based in the Netherlands.

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